The "Caravane" ... forerunner of "food-truck" in Geneva

1993: The Café Caravane - better known in Geneva as "La Caravane" - was born of imagination and memories of faraway trips by Daniel Sepe, at the time Director of Café du Soleil in Petit-Saconnex. Within three months, a holiday caravan from the sixties, which had already traveled many roads of France and Italy, was subject to a makeover. Transformed into a mobile Coffee shop, it adorned itself with garnet and gold, mirrors, chubby cherubs and dapper samovars.

And then began a journey of more than twenty years, during which the Old Lady crowded markets and events in Geneva, offering curious taste buds many preparations still scarcely-used in our latitudes: oriental cafes, Indian spicy chai, green tea with mint, as well as cakes and tarts – savoury and sweet - to original compositions. The tarts and Café Caravane immediately became inseparable.

2008: "La Caravane" gave birth to the catering service "Les Tartes de la Caravane", in response to many requests and private institutions seeking preparations by Daniel Sepe for their events. This tart catering service is still unique in Switzerland.

2010: The old caravan has been replaced by a new vehicle built on the model of the ancestor. It can hereby be rented, with food and drinks, to bring a touch of originality to your parties and meetings.

July 2014: Daniel Sepe handed-over to Mykol De Berti, a young architect passionate about gastronomy and decoration, who now successfully manages and develops activities of the Café Caravane. Historical recipes, know-how, catering service and even the mobile Coffee shop are now between her entrepreneurial hands.

Her enthusiasm gave birth to gourmet products, which can also come in gluten-free and/or lactose-free versions. Vegetables and fruits – from, as far as possible, local production – are always the stars but they readily accommodate other bold ingredients...